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Katie Joys Free Range Eggs 700gm
$6.95 each
King Land Organic Tofu Firm 300gm
$4.52 each
Manna Almond Milk Org. 1l
$10.99 each
Mondo Org Lamb Sausages 0.5kg
$13.15 each (approx.) $26.30 per kg
North Star Smoked Salmon 100gm
$8.99 each
Offc Organic Eggs 700g
$10.99 each
La Boqueria Chorizo 2pk 250g
$11.99 each
Mondo Org BBQ Sausages 0.45kg
$10.12 each (approx.) $22.50 per kg
Nutty Bruce Organic Almond & Coconut Milk 1l
$5.85 each
Organic Beetroot Dip 200g
$7.30 each
Paris Creek Full Cream Whole 1l
$3.42 each
Babushka Kefir Coconut 500g
$5.70 each
Babushka Kefir Honey 500g
$5.70 each
Barambah Natural Yoghurt 500gm
$7.12 each
Barambah Yoghurt Natural 1kg
$12.25 each
Bc Basil & Kale Pesto 295g
$22.50 each
Bc New York Mac Cheese 295g
$19.95 each
Coyo Coconut Yoghurt Vanilla Bean 500gm
$9.39 each
Frico Goats Cheese Mild 250g
$12.90 each
Green St Kitchen Kimchi White Miso And Red Pepper 430gm
$14.90 each
Green Vie Vegan Mozzarella 250gm
$6.45 each
Kingland Silken Tofu 300g
$3.71 each
Meredith Dairy Natural Sheep Milk Yoghurt Probiotic 1kg
$11.01 each
Meru Miso Sweet White Shiro 350g
$12.82 each
Mondo Free Range Chicken 1.5kg
$14.70 each (approx.) $9.80 per kg
Mondo Org Beef Mince Steak 0.5kg
$15.00 each (approx.) $30.00 per kg
Mondo Org Chicken Drumsticks 0.5
$14.95 each (approx.) $29.90 per kg
Mondo Org Diced Beef 0.5
$16.50 each (approx.) $33.00 per kg
Nutty Bruce Unsweetened Almond Milk 1lt
$5.85 each
Organic Times Butter Unsalt 250g
$7.95 each
P2p Streaky Bacon F/​Range 150g
$10.65 each
Paris Creek Fresh Cream 180ml
$4.99 each
Paris Creek Full Cream Whole 2l
$6.74 each
Paris Creek Yoghurt Nat 500g
$5.59 each
Symons Cheese Cheddar Organic 200gm
$9.98 each
Tallyho Seasoned Tempeh 200g
$8.35 each
Tallyho Soyburger 400g
$9.75 each
Tallyho Tofu Biodynamic Vac 400g
$8.35 each
True Organic Butter Salted 250g
$7.40 each
True Organic Haloumi 200g
$10.85 each
Adelaide Hills Camembert 200gm
$8.82 each
Almo Almond Milk 1l
$6.50 each
Babushka Kefir Natural Org 500g
$7.50 each
Babushka Kefir Vanilla 500g
$5.70 each
Barambah Aged Cheddar 510g
$20.35 each
Barambah Organics Cheddar Block 250gm
$12.15 each
Barambah Yog Lowfat Nat 500g
$7.12 each
Barambah Yoghurt Blueberry 500ml
$7.12 each
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