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Evies Sourdough
$12.00 each
Evies 4seed Or Pepita Sourdough
$13.00 each
Strange Grains Paleo Multi 500g
$11.95 each
Strange Grains Paleo Plain 500g
$11.99 each
Ancient Harvest Bwheat Wrap 200g
$11.09 each
Ancient Harvest Lo Carb 220g
$10.75 each
Ancient Harvest Paleo Wraps 200g
$11.15 each
Ancient Harvest Rye Wraps 220g
$10.09 each
Bio Nu Paleo Coconut Wraps 5's
$16.50 each
Evies Fruit & Nut Or Super Seed
$14.00 each
Gluten Freedom Bread Sweet Potato Sourdough 535g
$11.15 each
La Tortilleria Tortilla Corn 220gm
$6.59 each
La Tortilleria Tortillas 15pk
$10.07 each
Mountain Bread Organic 200gm
$5.30 each
Nuco Coconut Wrap Turmeric
$16.95 each
Old Time Bakery Lebanese 280g
$7.60 each
Old Time Bakery Wholesome Gluten Free Wraps 250gm
$7.20 each
Pure Life Essene Supreme Sprouted Bread 1.​1kg
$12.85 each
Pure Life Ezekiel 1100g
$14.60 each
Pure Life Gf Sprout 5 Seeds 900g
$15.75 each
Pure Life Sprout Rye 1100g
$13.65 each
Simsons Lo Carb Wraps Lge 420g
$7.95 each
Strange Grains Bwheat Sdoug 700g
$12.95 each
Strange Grains Champ Sd 900g
$17.25 each
Strange Grains Fruit Loaf 700g
$13.25 each
Strange Grains Hot X Buns Choc
$19.20 each
Strange Grains Multiseed 700g
$13.50 each
Strange Grains Quinoa Loaf 700g
$13.50 each
Strange Grains Rustic Pumpkin
$12.95 each
Strange Grains Sorghum Sd 500g
$12.50 each
Strange Grains Vegan Naan 3pk
$11.75 each
Venerdi Gluten Freedom Simply Soft Sourdough Loaf 415g
$9.70 each
Venerdi Pure Foodie Bread Paleo Almond & Linseed 550g
$15.50 each
Venerdi Pure Foodie Paleo Super Seeded Bread 550g
$16.00 each
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